Our aim is to help improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Mtwara, Lindi and Morogoro. We source products directly from farmers belonging to more than 47 farmers’ groups in these regions. Meet a few of them here.

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Amina loves organic farming. “It’s really helped me to improve my life. I built a home and I’m able to educate my two children.” She grows all kinds of green veggies and peppers. She’s a member of the Tuvamo Association which is supported by SWISSAID.


Meet Grace Simtaji. She’s a smallholder farmer that was trained by SWISSAID to do organic farming. She’s a member of the Maudea Group in Masasi District in Mtwara Region. She’s been farming organic tomatoes for three years now. You can find her fresh tomatoes at our shop. 

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Meet Fatma Matimba. She’s an organic smallholder farmer from the Upendo Group in Masasi District in Mtwara region. She has been growing organic cassava for three years now. Fatma also grinds her cassava into flour and Wild flour Bakery and Cafe uses it to make its gluten-free bread. You can find Fatma’s cassava in our shop. 


Meet Beatruce Julius. He is a smallholder organic farmer belonging to the Upendo Group in Masasi District in Mtwara region. He has been growing sesame for a few years now. You can purchase the sesame from our shop.

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Mussa is married with four children. He’s part of the Tuvamo Association in Mtwara Region and this is his second year of organic farming. He grows red onions and sesame. Last year he made good profits and was able to pay for his father’s critical surgery. With this year’s yield he hopes to buy cows and goats, which will help to increase his income. With the increased income, he plans to improve his home and continue to educate his children.